About Us

ABO was established in 1980 as an orthodontic supplies company serving the needs of the Australian orthodontic profession. ABO understands the challenges faced by the orthodontists and can be a useful resource throughout the working life of a practitioner. ABO is proud to have been awarded RMO Dealer of the Year 2005, in recognition of its excellence in supporting the Australian orthodontic profession.

Since its inception, it has successfully promoted a number of well-recognised premium brands in the local marketplace including RMO, Reliance, Task Instruments, Glenroe Technologies, Tru-tain and Gestenco. ABO has also played a pivotal role in expanding the distribution of AJW Australian Wire in the Asia Pacific region. ABO’s success stems from an unrivalled dedication to high quality service and competitive pricing.

With the widest range of orthodontic materials of any company in the Asia-Pacific Region, ABO can deliver remarkable cost savings to any orthodontic practice in Australia and New Zealand.

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